Making a Notebook release

This document guides a contributor through creating a release of the Jupyter notebook.

Check installed tools

Review CONTRIBUTING.rst. Make sure all the tools needed to generate the minified JavaScript and CSS files are properly installed.

Clean the repository

You can remove all non-tracked files with:

git clean -xfdi

This would ask you for confirmation before removing all untracked files. Make sure the dist/ folder is clean and avoid stale build from previous attempts.

Create the release

  1. Update version number in notebook/

  2. Run this command:

    python jsversion

    It will modify (at least) notebook/static/base/js/namespace.js which makes the notebook version available from within JavaScript.

  3. Commit and tag the release with the current version number:

    git commit -am "release $VERSION"
    git tag $VERSION
  4. You are now ready to build the sdist and wheel:

    python sdist
    python bdist_wheel
  5. You can now test the wheel and the sdist locally before uploading to PyPI. Make sure to use twine to upload the archives over SSL.

    twine upload dist/*
  6. If all went well, change the notebook/ back adding the .dev suffix.

  7. Push directly on master, not forgetting to push --tags too.