Jupyter Notebook Documentation#

Welcome to the Jupyter Notebook documentation site. Jupyter Notebook is a simplified notebook authoring application, and is a part of Project Jupyter, a large umbrella project centered around the goal of providing tools (and standards) for interactive computing with computational notebooks.

A computational notebook is a shareable document that combines computer code, plain language descriptions, data, rich visualizations like 3D models, charts, graphs and figures, and interactive controls. A notebook, along with an editor like Jupyter Notebook, provides a fast interactive environment for prototyping and explaining code, exploring and visualizing data, and sharing ideas with others.

Jupyter Notebook is a sibling to other notebook authoring applications under the Project Jupyter umbrella, like JupyterLab and Jupyter Desktop. Jupyter Notebook offers a lightweight, simplified experience compared to JupyterLab.

Read more about how to use Jupyter Notebook on this site, in the User Documentation.