Frontend Extensions in Notebook 7#


Any extension developed for Notebook < 7 or NbClassic will not be compatible with Notebook 7 and upwards.

Some extensions like nbgrader have already been ported. We invite you to check if the extensions you are using have already been ported.

You can check the following resources to see if your extension is available for Notebook 7:

List of available Notebook 7 extensions#

To get an idea of the extensions available for Notebook 7, you can check the following resources:

These resources are for JupyterLab, but many of them are compatible with Notebook 7 since Notebook 7 is based on JupyterLab.

JupyterLab equivalent extensions to the Classic Notebook#

The jupyterlab-contrib organization maintains a list of extensions to ease the transition from the Classic Notebook to Notebook 7 and / or JupyterLab.

The list is available at the following URL: Migrating from the Classic Notebook

a screenshot showing extensions in classic and lab